Mike Mountz

Mike Mountz Keynotes - The keynotes by Mike Mountz focus on how to increase the packing industry's efficiency while...

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In this Mick Mountz keynote, the founder of Kiva discusses his attempt to make packing and filing orders more cost effective and convenient in an age where online shopping is at an all time high.

After visiting a packaging industry, Mountz discovered that the current model of filling orders was extremely inefficient and unfulfilling for the workers. The pick workers would have to walk approximately 10 miles per day throughout the warehouse having to track down the individuals items required for the order.

Instead of having workers walk around looking for items scattered throughout a building, Mountz developed a way in which those items would make their way towards the pick worker. Using mobile shelving units and pods, the Kiva warehouse has increased efficiency and workplace moral by adapting the work to the workers.