Jack Uldrich

Jack Uldrich Keynotes - The Jack Uldrich speeches bring to light the advantages of being creative and using the powers of...

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Jack Uldrich is a highly acclaimed and cited expert futurist and consultant. His provocative approach to educating is memorable and engaging, with concepts like 'Unlearn or Die.' Taking this a step further, Uldrich argues that inclusive practice will fuel imaginative production.

Uldrich outlines the importance of compound interests and taking advantage of imagination. Using an engaging anecdote, he illustrates how creativity is more powerful than knowledge. In high school, he was given a fictional offer to receive $100,000 for 30 days, or a penny doubled in value for the same time period. As a teenager, he intuitively chose the greater daily income. Upon doing the calculations, the doubling increment resulted in a greater final sum. He explains that our knowledge of the future is faulty if we don't understand what's around us.