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Dr. Gary Bradt

Dr. Gary Bradt Keynotes - The Dr. Gary Bradt keynotes encourage individuals to embrace the feeling of being uncomfortable, as... Need Inspiration?

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Dr. Gary Bradt encourages individuals to get comfortable while being uncomfortable. The speaker recalls his prior seminars stressing how many fail to embrace awkward situations. If put in an uncomfortable predicament and forced to participate in impromptu situations, individuals are often reluctant to make connections with others.

Brandt explains how many fail to see the benefits of discomfort until forced into uncomfortable scenarios. In corporate scenarios, a spontaneous connection, interaction and participation is vital whether conducting an interview or meeting with a potential client.

Braving through these seemingly tough and uncomfortable situations often leads to strong business connections and learning experiences through the act of sharing information. When individuals are forced to participate in these types of activities, a feeling of discomfort is ultimately replaced with a feeling of fulfillment and accomplishment.