Dan Ariely

Dan Ariely Keynotes - In Dan Ariely speeches, he examines how irrational behaviors affect decision-making. As a Professor...

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Dan Ariely is a highly respected professor at MIT's Program for Media Arts and Science. In this astounding address, Ariely discusses how human behavior becomes predictably irrational. Humans are easily influenced in subconscious ways that cannot be grasped, says Ariely, and that these ingrained behaviors can disrupt the notion of personal morals as concrete.

By relating several social experiments, Ariely concludes that morality is easily influenced by atmospheric characteristics. He discusses how people are less likely to cheat in situations when reminded of their personal morality and honesty. At the same time, however, Ariely has observed that a group is more likely to act immorally after an individual has set an example of dishonest behavior.