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Marc Benioff

Marc Benioff Keynotes - The Marc Benioff presentations are energetic and thoughtful examinations of consumer relationships.... Need Inspiration?

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To an audience of over 15,000 individuals from the technology industry, chairman and CEO of salesforce Marc Benioff presented an exciting and lively consumer relationship speech. He kicked off his speech by touching on the importance of becoming a social enterprise and communicating online with consumers today.

He then discusses the role of Facebook in defining a brand. Benioff argues that Facebook is shrinking the web by dictating how brands are reaching out to consumers and how they are marketing products and services.

He then touches on the relevance of the mobile phone; more people today are browsing the web on their smartphone than they are on their PC. This social revolution has created a divide, however. While consumers are social and empowered, but are brands and their employees empowered? It is imperative that everyone become an active member of this revolution.