Chris Jordan

Chris Jordan Keynotes - A discussion of mass consumer culture and the detrimental impacts that pollution and human... Need Inspiration?

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Powerfully evocative and disturbingly accurate, this Chris Jordan speech reveals the widespread, disastrous effects that oceanic plastic pollution is having on even the most remote places on earth.

Chriss Jordan is a photographer whose work includes massive collages created out of plastic taken from the ocean. One of his pieces is of traditional Japanese painting 'The Great Wave' and is made out of 2.4 million pieces of oceanic plastic, equal to the number of pounds of plastic that enter the world's oceans per hour.

The bulk of Jordan's presentation revolves around the effects that plastic pollution is having on an extremely remote location called Midway Island. On the island are birds who have decomposed to reveal entire plastic products within their bodies. The imagery is heartbreaking and disturbing for as Jordan says "if it's there, it's everywhere."