Lisa Kudrow

Lisa Kudrow Keynotes - The Lisa Kudrow speeches promote the importance of looking towards the future. She sees great value... Need Inspiration?

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In a celebrity commencement speech given at Vasser's 146th graduation ceremony, actress Lisa Kudrow discusses what life is like in one's twenties and what the future may hold for the graduates waiting to receive their diplomas.

She tells the graduating class that the period after graduation is not supposed to be easy, but at the same time it is not supposed to be torture. Life is full of crossroads and difficult times and the speaker explains that the years that follow graduation are formulating years where people are embarking on their future career path and figuring out who they are in both the personal and professional world.

Lisa Kudrow urged students to not be sad that their time at Vasser was over in this celebrity commencement speech. Rather, she suggests, one should remember their experiences and take comfort in the fact that what they have learned and who they have met will follow them into their future.