Voice-Activated Cocktail Recipes

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Pernod Ricard’s 'What Cocktail' Amazon Alexa Skill Offers Recipes

Pernod Ricard recently launched the 'What Cocktail' Amazon Alexa Skill for the Amazon Show, making it possible for drinkers—particularly Millennials—to craft easy-to-make cocktail recipes based on the simple ingredients they have at home. According to research from Pernod Ricard, 88% of young adults would be more likely to make cocktails at home if the process was easier. With What Cocktail, the smart voice assistant Alexa has the potential to simplify the task of finding and putting together a recipe.

Knowing that consumers could use a little more help in the kitchen, especially when it comes to hands-free cooking, a number of brands have released voice-activated cooking apps.

What Cocktail creates suggestions generated from ingredients listed by consumers and also offers seasonal cocktail ideas for special occasions such as Halloween and Christmas.
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