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The New 'UNDEFEATED' Clothing Collection Was Made with 'Gears of War'

'Gears of War' is a video game franchise that has a massive cult following, with an international community of gamers playing the third-person shooter tournament on the daily -- meaning that the new UNDEFEATED clothing line that honors it will likely prove popular among them.

Although it might seem strange to some for the makers of a video game to spend their time designing streetwear, or for a clothing label to attempt to appeal to such a specific demographic of consumers, the co-founders of UNDEFEATED clothing described the effort by saying "UNDEFEATED and Gears are both gritty and dirty and don’t play by the rules. We have the same consumer. The gamer is buying sneakers, he’s buying streetwear. The gamer is the same as a sneaker head."
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