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Garmin's 'tactix Charlie' has Routable, Color TOPO Maps

Most smartwatches are designed for use in the city, but the new 'tactix Charlie' GPS watch from Garmin is meant for more rugged terrain. The tough, fastidious watch comes with a built-in navigation sensor with GPS and GLONASS as well as a three-axis compass, a barometer, an altimeter, and a gyroscope, making it a valuable piece of equipment for those looking to venture out into truly uncharted wilderness.

While the tactix Charlie certainly has the capabilities to help people with everyday tasks like fitness tracking, where it really shines is out in the field. It has a full-color TOPO mapping system pre-loaded onto the watch, and the combination of both GPS and GLONASS satellite networks make it better equipped to zone in on the specifics of even the most obscure areas one might venture.
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