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Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads are Making Synthetic Spider Silk Garments

Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads have teamed up to introduce the world of high fashion to synthetic spider silk.

As a designer, Stella McCartney is known for creating environmentally friendly fashion garments without the use of leather, fur, feathers and other animal-derived materials. This new partnership is now making it possible for the designer to explore the use of proteins found in nature for the creation of innovative fibers and fabrics.

Bolt Threads creates its vegan synthetic silk by feeding corn syrup to a yeast fermentation, which makes for an end product that is sustainable, cruelty-free and helps to reduce pollution. The first piece from the partnership between Stella McCartney and Bolt Threads will introduce a one-off gold dress that will be exhibited at The Museum of Modern Art's 'Items: Is Fashion Modern?'
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