Waterproof Reusable Diapers

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Fig-O-Honey Makes Eco-Friendly Cloth Diapers with Absorbent Inserts

Sneha Thakkar is the mother of two behind Fig-O-Honey, an eco-friendly cloth diaper brand that offers designs with vibrant patterns, adjustable snaps and absorbent inserts.

The one-size pocket diapers are washable and breathable, with an outer printed layer of waterproof polyester and breathable thermoplastic polyurethane. On the inside, the cloth diapers feature a soft, moisture-wicking and stain-resistant microsuede material to keep a young one's skin comfortable and dry.

When it comes to cleaning the pocket diapers from Fig-O-Honey, the brand recommends avoiding the use of bleach, softeners and hot water. After washing a diaper by hand or machine, Fig-O-Honey suggests that parents and caregivers should "hang them in the sunlight to dry (acts as a natural bleach and disinfectant)."
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