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Domino's 'Recovery Channel' Soothes Viewers on New Year's Day

Knowing that waking up on New Year's Day can be a challenge for many people, Domino's will be introducing the Recovery Channel on January 1st.

The Recovery Channel reminds consumers that Domino's is not jus "the official food of everything," but also the "official food of recovery." The channel, which can be accessed from multiple sources, including YouTube, is touted as a "one-stop-shop for soothing, relaxing programming" that "requires absolutely no brain power." Some of the content that people can expect to find on the channel includes sunsets, roaring fires, sweet animals and tips on how to relax and de-stress.

In the same theme of the "wipeable" onesie that it launched last year, Domino's is introducing limited-edition "Domi-mates," or huggable cushions that provide a wraparound arm for added comforting.
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