Rainbow-Colored Churros

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The Loop's Limited Edition Rainbow-Colored Snacks are Handcrafted

Los Angeles-based churro shop 'The Loop' has created limited edition rainbow-colored churros.

Named the Crystal Rainbow Churro Loop, these deep-fried confections are sprinkled with colored sugar to give them their signature rainbow pattern. Curved into a rainbow shape, these tasty treats can be tucked into a cup of soft-serve ice cream and topped with your choice of topping. Unfortunately, these rainbow-colored churros were only available over St. Patricks Day, but The Loop offers a number of other Instagram-friendly menu favorites.

Cafes all over the world are working to serve food that is just as photogenic as it is tasty. Being able to adapt pop culture fads and create an Instagram-worthy treat like these rainbow-colored churros can help smaller businesses tap into viral success.
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