Compostable Deodorant Tubes

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Organic Essence Packages Its Products in Renewable Paper Materials

Organic Essence sets itself apart as a beauty company devoted to sustainability by packaging its all-natural products in non-plastic, renewable paper materials. The brand's range of deodorants are packed into unconventional tube forms that offer an alternative to the twist-up plastic applicators consumers are familiar with. Some of the Organic Confidence formulas from the brand include varieties like Lemon-Tea Tree Mint, Wood Spice and Rose Petal, which deter odor-causing bacterial with coconut oil.

Organic Essence also produces a variety of foot, body and face butter products in eco-friendly pots.

As many consumers are attempting to be more responsible with the products they purchase, a number of beauty brands are offering sustainable packaging solutions that prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials, recycling and reuse.
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