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Disintegrating Wall Art

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Monika Grzymala Creates Stunning and Sticky Art Using Tape

I have come across tape-constructed art before, but I have never seen anything quite like Monika Grzymala's work. Grzymala is a Polish artist who uses black and white tape to create unique art installations in galleries around the world.

The black and white tape is stuck to the walls of the galleries and is used to create incredible art installations that look as stunning as they are sticky. Each of these pieces has a dark look to it, and not just because of the black tape used. I can't help but think spooky thoughts when I see what looks to be a house constructed haphazardly out of black tape or a black wall that seems to be disintegrating into thin air. If you are tired of looking at duct tape dresses and accessories and want to see some real tape art, then check out the work of Monika Grzymala here.
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