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This Subway Station Machine Dispenses IKEA Kitchen Tools

At a subway station in Stockholm, Sweden, IKEA recently installed a vending machine—but one for sharing IKEA kitchen tools rather than snacks. The machine in Hötorget is stocked with a variety of useful kitchen gadgets, including everything from garlic presses to egg slicers.

Beyond serving as a useful standalone unit for sharing goods from IKEA, the vending machine also helps to direct consumers to a nearby IKEA pop-up store stocked with even more home essentials. As the pop-up features seven kitchen sets, IKEA's campaign is designed to encourage consumers to "get a kitchen to go with their garlic press."

By stationing this unconventional vending machine in the middle of an urban subway station, IKEA hopes to communicate that it is available to consumers beyond the traditional store environment wherever they may be.
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