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Healthy Honeys is a Marijuana-Centered Wellness Collective for Women

Healthy Honeys is a Denver-based startup cultivating a community around a marijuana-centric wellness lifestyle for women. Hosting burlesque and yoga classes, Healthy Honeys is a vaporizer-fueled health community aiming to align the burgeoning well-being and cannabis legalization movements.

Healthy Honeys specializes in cannabis education for women, specifically in regards to dealing with stress, stabilizing moods and menstrual or menopausal pain. The Colorado-based startup ends most classes with a quick run down on different vaping methods and discusses such necessities like acquiring a child-proof container to keep supplies and smoking devices in.

Colorado, one of the first three states to legalize marijuana, is leading the pack when it comes to rebranding the cannabis lifestyle as an upscale, health-conscious one.
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