Beautifying Water Cocktails

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This Beauty Cocktail Kit Includes a Shaker and a Superfood Mixer

In order to emphasize the versatility of its beauty cocktail water mix, Sakara Life is now selling 'The Beauty Water Cocktail Collection.'

On its own, this bottled beauty concoction consists of a blend of filtered water, rosewater, hibiscus powder and beet sugar. Sakara Life suggests that there are two main ways to enjoy this drink. For a nourishing non-alcoholic option, the drink mix can be combined with sparkling water, berries and mint. Alternatively, the rose gold cocktail shaker comes in handy for preparing a blend of this drink with lemon juice and vodka.

Many young consumers are now choosing to reduce their consumption of alcohol in favor of other healthy beverages, but this water-based cocktail mix is smart for offers two delightful ways to indulge.
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