Non-Toxic Baby Skincare

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Cherub Rubs' Organic, Non-Chemical Skincare for Babies is Ultra-Gentle

Cherub Rubs prides itself on creating a range of organic, safe and toxin-free baby skincare products that are powered by simple, natural ingredients. The brand's kid-friendly and fully certified organic collection of baby care products includes solutions for everything from sun protection to naturally keeping bugs at bay.

For young ones that are prone to skin irritations, rashes and eczema, Cherub Rubs offers products like 'Skin Soothe,' which is made from a base of nourishing aloe vera juice, witch hazel extract and soothing lavender oil. As the products are formulated to be supremely safe, ultra-gentle on the skin and minimize risk of reactions, Cherub Rubs touts its baby skincare as suitable for "everyone from newborns to adults and pregnant women."
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