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Camp No Counselors Invites Grown-Ups to Enjoy Youthful Freedom with Booze

It's only natural to feel wistful about bygone good times, and with programs like this adult summer camp in existence, people have the possibility to relive past fun in the present.

Camp No Counselors invites anyone between the ages of 24 and 40 to fill his or her duffle with T-shirts, bathing suits and a sleeping bag and to move on into a cabin in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago or Nashville. The little cottages at each camp location are exactly what you'd find at any regular kids' camp, and this includes the basic timber-constructed bunkbeds.

Visitors to this adult summer camp get meals in the dining hall, water sports, wilderness activities, arts and crafts sessions and themed parties every night. Indeed, an open bar is part of the deal. Camp No Counselors caters to a niche market of nostalgic millennials who want to get off the grid for a great party and making new friends.
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