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Orbital Travel Backpacks

The Wolffepack Improves Travel with a Revolutionary Swinging System

Wolffepack is a new British backpack brand with a unique and radical new concept in travel backpacks, offering smarter transportation solutions with a revolutionary benefit for travelers and commuters.

Wolffepack is the world’s first orbital backpack, which stays strapped to your back but swings your stuff to your front, using a patented orbital trapeze technology called expetoSYSTEM. This has been combined with an aesthetic design, high-quality materials, custom hardware and a smart layout that thoughtfully accommodates all the technology and gear we need to carry.

With a simple solution to an ordinary problem -- how to access your bag quickly without the hassle of unstrapping your backpack -- you can travel smarter in busy environments like trains, tubes and buses. This award-winning British design has attracted global excitement with pre-order customers in 30 countries after a successful Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, reaching 157 percent of its funding target.

From commuting to walking, cycling and skiing, whatever you’re doing, getting quick and frequent access to your bag is now easier.
No more bumping and "backpack rage" on trains or buses, you can clip the pack to your front in crowded spaces and keep your kit safe and in sight. You can even sit comfortably with the Wolffepack still on, making travelling easier whether in a carriage or on a ski-lift.
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