Wall-Scaling Vehicle Concepts

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The 'Ventooz' Drives Both Horizontally and Vertically

The conceptual 'Ventooz' vehicle has been designed by Juan Garcia Mansilla as an impressive way to get around that doesn't discriminate on the terrain that it is driving on. Capable of operating both horizontally and vertically, the vehicle can climb walls thanks to a series of suction cups that have been implemented onto the wheels to keep drivers securely in control at all times. This means drivers can take to buildings or walls when driving to easily traverse both natural and man-made environments.

The 'Ventooz' vehicle has been created with avid adrenaline junkies in mind to help them drive where they have never gone before and experience new sensations. Despite a shift towards autonomous solutions when it comes to driving, consumer preferences for sport driving will likely continue to keep drivers in control.
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