Futuristic Holiday Feasts

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Bompas & Parr's 'The Future of Christmas' Imagines a Next-Gen Dinner

For many people, Christmastime means roast turkey, ham, stuffing, eggnog, mince pies and plum pudding, but Bompas & Parr reenvisioned what holiday meals might look like in the coming years with its 'The Future of Christmas' project.

For the project, Bompas & Parr set out on an exploration "beyond the culinary clichés of Christmas dinner." Rather than serving a meal steeped in tradition, Bompas & Parr offered up healthy new food ideas based on cutting-edge scientific research, improving sustainability and reducing food waste.

At the event, Bompas & Parr served what it called "a sous vide-poached roasted turkey apocalypse," "a fermented human saliva palate cleanse created by Sydney Schaefer" and dessert—a twist on the classic Christmas pudding that is translucent and served with liquid nitrogen instant frozen brandy ice cream.
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