App-Connected Travel Bags

This Smart Carry-On Bag Eases the Hassle of Traveling

Bluesmart is designed as a smart carry-on bag that syncs with your smartphone in order to make the process of getting from one place to another as seamless as possible. Bluesmart takes the form of a bag and an app, which lets you lock, unlock and track you bag's whereabouts at all times—anyone who has had an airline lose their luggage will appreciate these handy features.

In addition to these neat features, with the modern traveler in mind, Bluesmart is also able to measure the weight of your luggage, charge your mobile devices and send you an alert if you stray too far from your personal belongings. What's best is that the Bluesmart Travel Sentry Approved Lock is be approved by the TSA, which means that if you've got your phone on you, trying to remember a combination or keeping track of a key is one less thing to worry about on your trip.
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