Wanton Ceramic Figurines

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Artist Richard Ankrom Combines Cute and Kinky

Artist Richard Ankrom takes the stuffiness and innocence out of the art of ceramic figurines. He does this in a rather raunchy way. Richard Ankrom takes porcelain Cinderella, Ronald McDonald, a herd of pig and more and introduces the seedy world of S&M into their lives. He does so through the use of leather and zippered masks.

A perfect juxtaposition between cute and kinky, Richard Ankrom's sculptures revolve around classic children's pop icons. Recently exhibited at the Aqua Art Miami last year, the Seattle-born and Los Angeles-based artist states, "The contempt for effusive sentimental goods, that pander to nostalgic consumers led me to take these objects and disable them. In this process mass produced figurines become individual and surreal." Not to mention shocking and disparate.
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