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AI 'Joy' Can Keep Track of Human Emotional States on Facebook Messenger

'Joy' is a mood-detecting chatbot that just launced on Facebook Messenger. It was developed to assist with the mental health of users. The bot was made using artificial intelligence and natural language services from both IBM Watson and Microsoft's LUIS.

Danny Freed, the man behind Joy, created the chatbot after a friend lost their life to suicide. His goal with Joy was not to replace trained professionals but rather to encourage those in need to seek medical help. He hopes in time the service will be able to connect users with trained therapists and possibly "perform basic reminders and routine check-ins automatically."

According to VentureBeat, the mood detecting chat bot can interact with users daily to track how they feel and can send weekly and monthly mood reports. It won't diagnose users, but it can serve as a tool to identify mood disorders. While it aids in consumer health, the bot can serve in enhancing the services that are provided by mental health care professionals.
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