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The Military Duffle Backpack is Perfect for Road Trips

This Military Duffle Backpack, from Portland-based company Collected Works, is the perfect thing to pack all your stuff in to for those memory-filled, cross-country road trips.

It’s sleek and carefully designed. Jacob Hinmon and Patrick Vail, the founders of the company, create something if they find that it does not exist but there is a need for it. This bag was inspired by the typical military duffle bag but it's been modernized. This bag has neat inner organizers for laptops, passports and cash. It is water-repellent and can survive harsh weather conditions. The leather straps are designed to hold a lot of stuff and are padded.

This bag costs $440 but it is built to last so it is definitely worth it. It’s the ideal gift for an adventurous explorer.    
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