Chromatic Cobbed Corn

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Mason's Den's Colorful Cobs Turn Elotes Bright

So-called mermaid food is increasingly popular thanks to its Instagram-friendliness, and Southern Califonian restaurant Mason's Den has capitalized on the phenomenon with color corn on the cob. The chromatic elotes, a Mexican street dish that's essentially a cob of corn served on a stick, come in several different colors that make them social media stars over the course of multiple visits to Mason Den's outdoor market.

The elotes from Mason's Den come in in five different varieties: the Mermaid Cob, the Hot Cheetos Cob, the Unicorn Cob, the Cheese Cheetos Cob, and the Takis Cob. The picture perfect corn snacks are currently being sold at Mason Den's outdoor locations at the 626 Night Market as well as the OC Night Market.
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