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Toronto’s Latte Booth Brings Quality Italian Coffee Directly to Events

A bit of caffeine can go a long way and no one knows this better than the folks at Latte Booth. With pro-grade equipment and a team of experienced baristas, this Toronto-based businesses is making sure that consumers never have to go without their favorite espresso-based drink.

Latte Booth is a coffee catering company based out of Toronto. However, instead of serving up lukewarm coffee in portable carafes, Latte Booth brings a fully functioning espresso bar directly to weddings, birthdays and corporate events. This means that guests can enjoy everything from frothy cappuccinos to sugary-sweet Nutella lattes without ever leaving the building.

Of course, what truly sets Latte Booth apart is its stylish and fully-functional mobile espresso bar. The bar itself is outfitted with a sleek wooden frame that looks as though it could been be plucked directly from any high-end coffee shop in the city. The cart is also equipped with a premium Italian espresso machine and a coffee grinder that allows for micro-roasting on-site. With this modern equipment and a high-level of quality control, Latte Booth’s team of professionally trained baristas are able to prepare innovative drinks such as Nitro cold brew coffee, Nitro-infused tea and even 3D latte art on-demand.

Beyond serving up expertly crafted beverages, Latte Booth also offers a level engagement and interaction that is unparalleled by traditional coffee shops. With branding opportunities on everything from the cups to lattes themselves, the mobile espresso bar has already become the go-to choice for a number of exclusive Toronto-based events, including Woofstock and the NBA All-Star Weekend. The booth has even been rented by York University as a clever way to keep sleepy students caffeinated.

With business booming, Latte Booth ensures that Torontonians never have to suffer through another cup of weak, flavorless coffee again.
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