Kitchenless House Pranks

Uncle Ben's Showed a House with No Kitchen to Promote Home Cooked Meals

You may find a house with no kitchen in some parts of the world, but in North America, often times this room is the heart of the home. In 'Ben's Beginners,' Uncle Ben's set up a prank to show prospective buyers a property that was lacking a kitchen. The faux real estate agent reasoned that cooking has been on the decline since so many people often indulge in takeout and that some kids can't even spell the word "oven."

Most people are taken aback by the fact that this house has absolutely no cooking space. With this stunt, Uncle Ben's wants to instill the importance of cooking, since one in four parents never cook with their children, meaning that they are far less likely to know the value of a meal that's prepared with love at home.

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