Gender-Neutral Change Rooms

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Topshop Adjusted Its Policy to Give All Consumers a Safe Space

After one consumer lodged a complaint about their needs not being met at a Topshop location in Manchester, the UK-based multinational retailer decided to adjust its policy, and require that all of its stores offer gender-neutral change rooms.

It's reported that Travis Alabanza, a performance artist who identifies as trans-feminine, shared their story of being told to use the Topman change rooms when they asked to try on a dress, causing many others to state their dissatisfaction with the retailer's inability to properly accommodate Alabanza.

The retailer responded to the online backlash by stating, "Both the Topshop and Topman fitting rooms are available for all customers to use," a recently updated policy. As this demonstrates, retailers are expected to ensure that they have inclusive spaces that enable all consumers to feel safe and welcomed.
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