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Nutricosmetics is a Line of Cosmetic Supplements by Functionalab

Nutricosmetics is a range of advanced cosmetic supplements from Functionalab, a company specializing in science-informed, all-natural beauty solutions. Believing that outer beauty is directly linked to inner health, the unique range targets various complexion issues with pharmaceutical quality supplements powered by all-natural, 100% pure ingredients.

Different cosmetic concerns targeted by the Nutricosmetics line include cellulite, hydration, fine lines and wrinkles, weight management, blemishes and acne, brightness and protection. The brand tailors each product to specific aesthetic clinic procedures and is considered professional grade skincare.

With packaging inspired by scientific equipment and a logo based on the periodic table, this Functionalab line projects a sense of trustworthiness that communicates the brand's unique convergence of health and beauty concerns.
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