Space-Saving Eco Clothes Dryers

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The FoxyDry 'AIR' Dries Clothing Up and Out of the Way

The FoxyDry 'AIR' has been engineered to provide users with a way to dry their laundry without the need for a traditional dryer to save both energy, money and space. The unit works by being installed onto the ceiling in your laundry room or other area of the home and instantly offering you a spot to store wet clothing as it dries. The unit also incorporates a light and fan, which makes it a very useful fixture for laundry rooms or basements to increase circulation and offer illumination.

The FoxyDry 'AIR' clothes dryer also features a remote control design that can be raised and lowered from afar rather than having to deal with pulleys. The unit identifies the shift towards more eco-friendly appliances amongst consumers looking to restrict their consumption of energy to save money and carbon emissions.
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