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An Endeavor to Break the World Record for Electric Bicycling in Europe

Breaking a world record is a big deal, and one couple has chosen to fuel their finances for a great European e-biking tour through an Indigogo campaign. Eager to undertake a groundbreaking journey for themselves and their baby boomer generation as a whole, this athletic duo is gearing up to spend a full year en route over almost 10,000 miles along 14 transcontinental cycling paths.

The trip would be a challenging one for anyone, but Rachel and Gary Corbett are avid cyclists with plenty of training and extraordinary exercise regimens that make them more capable of carrying out their expedition safely and successfully than whippersnappers half the age of the 60 and 56-year-old. They'll be documenting their journey on video equipment mounted to their e-bikes, representing their demographic with strength, power and adventurousness.
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