Doily Necklaces

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Whiteowl Makes Dainty, Lacy Handmade Jewelry

These white lace cut-outs by Esty seller Whiteowl will surely add elegance to any outfit you choose to wear. Made by what seem to be different styles of doilies, these necklaces all have a vintage floral motif that is hung on dark, antiqued brass chains.

Whiteowl has done an amazing job in embracing the alternative to the typical sterling silver jewelry we usually see by using fabric and adding beads to their designs.

Implications - For the specific group of consumers who relish in traditional or classic qualities, products bearing similar characteristics will see large profits. By offering simple and timeless products, businesses can rely of large amounts of business from the individuals with whom such traits are often associated. Such consumers will be very willing to invest in these products.
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