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'Quidd' Helps Users Acquire Digital Collectibles Like GIFs & Stickers

'Quidd' is the name of a mobile application for accessing and purchasing various digital collectibles, which take the form of everything from GIFs and stickers to 3D toys and other virtual objects.

Within the virtual marketplace, app users are able to get their hands on limited-edition digital releases to add to their collection, which will appeal to fans who are passionate about officially licensed products. On the app, users are able to express their love of fandoms for a variety of TV shows, comic books and movies.

Quidd notes that users are able to use "free coins to purchase limited-edition collectible stickers, cards and 3D figures," as well as make trades with other users in pursuit of building complete sets. Naturally, the experience is gamified and there is an in-app leaderboard that ranks the most valuable sets assembled.
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