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A Brit and A Southerner Focuses on Chris and Heather Boothman's Travels

Chris and Heather Boothman are a married couple who come from different parts of the world, with Chris from a small town near Manchester, and Heather from Jonesboro, Arkansas. Together, they created their own brand: A Brit and A Southerner.

As the couple spend most of their weekends away on short trips, their blog is most likely to appeal to those who are dedicated to travelling as much as possible, but who might also have other commitments that makes it difficult to go away for prolonged periods of time.

Given how condensed their trips tend to be, Chris and Heather Boothman show their readers how to make the most out of their time away. They do this by offering their advice on useful travel apps, hotels, restaurants, as well as specific destinations all over the globe.

With many older couples granted more time once their children leave home, blogs like A Brit and A Southerner provide a useful lens when these consumers are trying to decide on a trip.
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