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Minimalist Cat Climbing Structures

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Yoh Komiyama's Cat House Was Inspired by Modernism

Yoh Komiyama is using hardwood to design minimalist cat climbing toys that are as visually pleasing for the pet owner as they are for the pet.

While owning a cat is a joyous experience, it comes with a variety of unpleasantries -- bulky cat furniture and toys, being the most common. Komiyama understands this, as the artist created a gorgeous, multi-level cat climbing house that was inspired by the modernist architectural movement. While a cat is inside this space, it serves as a private abode. Meanwhile, the structure stands as a decorative object for the home owner to display with pride.

To top the design off, Yoh Komiyama's structure is finished with a marble base, making for an elegant and durable addition to one's home.
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