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The 'Mankiw' Car GPS Tracker Offers Real-Time Tracking for Drivers

Those who want to maintain a more secure experience with their vehicle can do so with the 'Mankiw' car GPS tracker that's designed to offer a bevy of functionalities to ensure your ride stays safe.

Offering real-time tracking capabilities, the 'Mankiw' works by being placed in the vehicle and working off of the internal battery pack that it has. The battery is rated for up to 600 days in standby mode to ensure it will continue to offer usage whenever you need it.

The 'Mankiw' car GPS tracker works to locate you car, offer an alarm system that will send a notification if your vehicle is vibrated at all and also creates a protective geofence around the car. These functionalities work together to ensure it will offer a bevy of features without fuss.
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