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Venna's Packaging Aims to Brand Cannabis for Women

As a producer of "elegant cannabis infused with naturally extracted essence," Venna collaborated with Urban Influence on the creation of packaging its cannabis for women.

The stylized Venna vape pens are offered in varieites like Ravenous Rose, Melodic Mint and Beckoning Blueberry, each of which boasts a vibrantly color-coded design to best express its essence. One of the most standout designs is for Venna's Clean & Exquisite, which promises "the soft allure of a silky aroma."

Although there are many cannabis products in select markets that are either male-targeted or unisex, from the brand's inception, Venna has always sought to cater to female consumers. As the brand notes: "We strive to forward innovation in an industry that’s yet to speak to womankind."
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