Autonomous Travel Bags

The 'Travelmate' is a Robotic Suitcase Companion for Travelers

For those who are looking for a way to make travelling more seamless, San Francisco-based Travelmate Robotics has come up with the perfect solution. Not only does the company's new product eliminate the hassle of dragging heavy luggage to each destination, but it also preforms complex tasks that no other suitcase is capable of.

The Travelmate is a revolutionary suitcase that is integrated with each user's smartphone. This connection allows the suitcase to autonomously follow the user without the need for any extra peripherals. The bag can not only move vertically and horizontally with ease, but it can also navigate crowds and avoid obstacles. In addition to moving on its own, the suitcase is also equipped with revolutionary features such as a touch enabled lock system and a built-in scale.

Although currently in the prototype stage, Travelmate Robotics is currently running an Indiegogo campaign to bring the high-tech suitcase to market.

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