Conscious Coffee Sleeve Wallets

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This Wallet Puts a Twist on the Re-Usable Coffee Sleeves

The waste that accumulates from coffee sleeves troubles the environmentally conscious, yet carrying around re-usable coffee sleeves is rather inconvenient. One design student from Parsons University crafted a solution to this problem, through designing conscious wallets, that are made from collected coffee sleeves.

Mackenzie Drummond's Resleeve is both stylish, practical and perfect for the environmentally conscious consumer on the go. The designer, who is also a barista, understands that the sleeves are an essential part of a restaurant's offerings, as it protects patrons hands from getting burnt. Instead of eliminating the item, Drummond created a way to "alleviate waste in a fun way."

Each wallet is handmade from three discard sleeves and available in a variety of vibrant designs.
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