Kelp-Topped Lattes

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The Merbabe Latte Features Nutritious Ingredients and a Playful Design

The Merbabe Latte was created by The End Brooklyn, a cafe known for its unusual beverages that are unique both visually, and in their formulation.

While the big brands coming out with similar fad drinks tend to pack their beverages with sugar and other unhealthy ingredients, the Merbabe Latte offers both nutrition and an Instagram-friendly aesthetic. The individual at The End who created the drink, Madeleine Murphy, stated that the beverage was made to be "empowering, fortifying, and nurturing for women's health" on a multitude of levels. Ingredients in the Merbabe Latte include marine collagen, schizandra berry, strawberry, dragon fruit, e3 live blue majik algae, golden flax crumble, vegan sprinkles and kelp flakes. The addition of kelp flakes helps women who are "dealing with fatigue or thyroid problems," which is due to the fact that they contain iodine.

This uniquely formulated beverage is ideally suited for health conscious consumers who are drawn to aesthetic-focused drinks.
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