Mess-Free Artisan Bread Makers

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The LoafNest Enables Everyone to Create the Perfect Homemade Bread

LoafNest makes easy artisan bread possible at home for everyone, with the innovative device requiring very little effort or skill to use. The folks at Dutch design company trfl created the unique product to allows anyone to make tasty, healthy, artisan bread at home with less than 5 minutes of effort.

The method involves mixing up all ingredients (no kneading needed) and waiting for time and yeast to do the rest of the hard work. With unique high-heat cast iron and non-stick silicone, the dough is poured in and baked to perfection to give a crunchy crust and soft crumb. No need to shape the bread or for second raise. In fact, you do not have to touch the dough at anytime but the result is still amazing every single time. The inventors claim that this method has allowed them to make bread at home much more regularly.
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