Marijuana-Infused Cosmetics

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High Gorgeous Offers a Range of Natural Bath and Body Items

Yummi Karma is a brand that offers infused edibles and tinctures for women, and its range of High Gorgeous cosmetics provide the topical benefits of cannabis.

The collection features several different marijuana-infused cosmetic products. These include body butters, body lotions, potent CBD products, bubble bath soaps, and lip balms. Particularly interesting in the collection is the cellulite treatment, which offers the "healing and tightening properties of cannabis, cinnamon and caffeine." Another standout in the collection is its potent CBD body lotion, which was designed to function as a natural, topical pain-easing formula that can be applied to sore muscles or tense areas of the body.

The High Gorgeous brand ensures that people seeking the benefits of topical cannabis applications have a range of options to choose from.
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