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Piles by Ornduvald is Composed of Giant Glitter Art Wall Murals

The Piles glitter art installation project by Ornduvald is composed of three wall murals entirely made out of 45,546 sparkly sequins.

Meant to symbolize the giant piles of soil, water and rubble that was extracted from the construction site of the Copenhagen underground, the murals mirror mounds of dirt with an artistically abstract pixel design. At the same time, the glitter and glitz provides a stark contrast to the dusty grime of the construction zone. Passersby get a stunning glimpse at the wall art as the sun reflects from the dangling sequins which create a completely mesmerizing view.

Captivating in real life, the sparkles of the Piles glitter art installation move slightly with the wind, reflecting more light and brightness onto the streets of Copenhagen.
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