Comfortable Velour Sandals

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The FILA Drifter Slides are the Ideal House Shoes to Wear on Lazy Days

In time for the summer, the FILA Drifter sandals were dropped, which boast a sleek slip-on silhouette, comfortable velour straps, and padded footbeds that are made to form to the shape of the wearer's feet.

The velour straps are what really set the sandals apart, with the soft material accented with the athletic brand's name in plush lettering, and with a vivid yellow border that provides them with just the right amount of subtle contrast. As the soft velour material makes it more prone to damage, the sandals are best worn in more relaxed settings, where scuffs and other marks aren't as likely to be an issue.

Currently, the FILA Drifter sandals can be purchased from Urban Outfitters.
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