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Baskin-Robbins Shorts Pints By 4 Ounces

Baskin-Robbins has been fined $500,000 for under packing their 'hand packed pints' of ice cream. On average pints were short by 4 ounces each. A consumer protection lawsuit was launched and Baskin-Robbins wrists have been duly slapped.

Implications - With customers expecting to receive a full pint of ice cream, it's a little upsetting that Baskin Robbins has been cheating. A whopping 83 percent of their "hand-packed pints" were found to be under that amount. Hopefully, now the company, whose ice cream is still undeniably delicious, will be giving customers the amount of ice cream they want and paid for.

No company wants a bad reputation with its customers, especially if it's an ice cream company that's most popular during the summer months.
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