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This Hotel Group is Serving Up Adult-Only Ice Creams

The Warner Leisure hotel group recently launched a campaign to target the over-50 crowd with boozy ice cream flavors. By combining the nostalgia of an ice cream truck with adult-only flavors, the clever marketing campaign perfectly captures the attention of those who still feel young at heart.

The Warner Leisure hotel group's new campaign involves sending a retro ice cream truck across Britain for the duration of the summer season. The truck will serve up boozy ice cream flavors made from adult-only ingredients such as J├Ągermeister, vodka and tequila. The idea behind the mobile ice cream bar is to give adults a way to indulge in a classic childhood pastime that will remind them of their favorite summer holidays. As Warner Leisure hotel group's marketing director Mat Finch explains, "Our guests may predominately be over 50, but they love a bit of mischievous fun."
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